Cladding North East

December 22 2021
Cladding North East - Ross Wright

Cladding North East

What is cladding? A simple question that not many people know the full and correct answer to. Cladding North East is the most common substance that is applied to high rise buildings. It helps to increase the thermal efficiency and improve the overall aesthetic of the building. Some types of cladding can help to prevent any adverse weather conditions from taking an effect on the building, such as water resistance.

There are many different types of cladding that you can choose from. You would usually see it on an office block or high building when you are in a town or city. Some factories will also use cladding on the exterior of their building too. They are much more likely to use metal cladding.

Weatherboard Cladding

Usually, if we were to mention cladding to one of our customers, they would think of weatherboard cladding as it is one of the most popular types that is widely used. It is extremely durable and can be fixed to many different substrates. That is why so many commercial businesses would choose weatherboard cladding over any other options.

Stone Cladding

Many domestic customers or people in a residential area are much more likely to use stone cladding as the structure gives a much more of a professional, polished look. As this gives more of a finished look it is more of a popular choice for home owners and site developers.

Metal Cladding

When you drive past a warehouse or large commercial building it’s likely that they use weatherboard cladding but there is the chance that they will use metal cladding. If the building has a shine across it, they’ll be using metal cladding instead of weatherboard. The metal will help to protect the building from any changes in the temperature and wind as they can something cause structural damage to the building.

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