Steel Fabrication Newcastle

Steel Fabrication Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newton Aycliffe, Gateshead, Shildon, Chilton, West Auckland

Steel Fabrication Newcastle

Here at Ross Wright Ltd we are experts in Steel Fabrication, in Newcastle, County Durham and the North East. Steel fabrication is the process of creating metal structures through cutting, bending and assembling. This process is fundamental when creating machines, parts and other various structures from a number of raw materials. The raw materials are melted down and mixed to create steel before they are constructed into the shape that is required.

The basic raw materials that are used in steel fabrication are…

• Plate metal
• Fittings
• Castings
• Formed and expanded metal
• Sectional metal
• Flat metal
• Welding wire

New Build Steel Fabrication Newcastle

When you are building your home from scratch, a first important step is making sure you are aware of building regulations as you will need to pass these to ensure that you will be granted access for planning permission. A strong, durable structure is essential for a new build property. The steel work is a lot quicker and easier than other materials such as wood. Plus, steel is also resistant against heat and fire, unlike wood. Using steel frames means that you have the advantage of your home not being affected of termites and woodworms. This can be a huge issue in some properties where they have wooden frames installed.

From the planning stage right through to the installation, the
talented Ross Wright team can work with you to ensure that
our services provided are the highest quality of steel fabrication work for your building in Newcastle and the North East.

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Access Ladders Newcastle

If you are looking for a bespoke ladder that will provide you with access for any situation internally or externally, contact Ross Wright. Our team like to make sure that you are able to safely access different levels of a building without the worry of a ladder not being safe. Some of the most common fabricated ladder types are…

Fixed vertical ladder

Ship ladder with handrail

Companionway ladder with handrail

If you require a ladder that is a certain size, or one that is on
wheels, speak to your team about a bespoke Access Ladder.

Fire Escapes Newcastle

Our team can make a number of bespoke staircases in a variety of colours. External fire escape stairs have been specially manufactured to meet all regulations and provide you with a safe fire exit that includes non-corrosive anti-slip treads. Having a Fire Escape in your business means that you and your employees have a safe route of the building if the worst were to happen

Steel Fabricator
Steel Fabricator Durham

Hand Railings Newcastle

The Ross Wright team can manufacture a wide range of metal hand railings that are perfect for use with staircases, security and safety as well as mounted handrails. With a handrail in place, you can ensure that people are able to go up and down a staircase with minimum risk as there is a rail to support them. Our team can advise you on a design that is best suited to your requirements.  For more information, please get in contact with our team.