The Importance of Fire Escapes

June 15 2022
Fire Escape Installation - Ross Wright

At Ross Wright we specialise in all industrial services and a main service we provide is fire escape installation in Newton Aycliffe and across the North East. Fire escapes are a requirement for all businesses to keep your employees and customers safe. If you fail to follow the government’s fire exit regulations, you could be fined or at worst sent prison if a fire happened on your premises and it could have been prevented. Local fire and rescue authorities are eligible to check businesses and the fire escapes/ fire plans that are in place to ensure they are adequate and meet all standards.

As part of your businesses fire prevention, an evacuation plan must be in place and all users/ employees should be made aware of the assembly points. For many businesses who operate across multiple floors, they will require a safe and secure fire exit which often means they need a bespoke fire escape that will allow all users to escape if the worst were to happen. And this is where our team can help you! Please get in contact today for more information.

How Often Should You Check Your Fire Escape?

When an evacuation happens, you must ensure that routes are clear so that everyone can leave the building in a calm, timely manner. Emergency doors must be easy to open and close and any emergency lighting must be in working order as a fire can break out at any time of day. For the safety and welfare of your customers and team, there should be someone checking the fire escape routes on a daily basis to ensure they can be used if needs must. If there is a blockage, furniture in the way or a hazard, this could be the difference in people making it out of the building unharmed and a fatality or serious injury.

Fire Escape Doors

All fire escape doors must open in the direction of escape and any sliding or revolving doors should not be used as an emergency exit. They must also not be locked or tied up in anyway as this can stop anybody getting out of the building in an emergency. If your building is across multiple floors, you will be required to have a fire escape staircase which should only be used in an emergency situation.

With our skills and bespoke fire escape services, we can create your business a fire escape staircase and handrail which will enable you to leave the building in an emergency situation or when a fire breaks out.

If you are just starting up a business or are looking to upgrade the measures you currently have in place, talk to our team on 01325 320767 or visit our website.

We offer a range of services such as fire escape installation which can help businesses across the North East. From steel fabrication to asbestos removal, we can help your business.