Fire Safety In The Work Place

July 15 2021

Fire Safety In The Work Place

Fire escapes and exits are crucial for the safety of everyone inside a building. It is mandatory for all buildings to have a set amount of fire escapes, exits and safety points to allow them to meet all legal health and safety requirements.

In every workplace there are hazards that could cause an injury or ill-health. By law every employer must have a risk assessment carried out on the work that their employees do. Risk assessments can reduce the likelihood of a work-related accident and raise awareness about the hazards.

Fire Safety Assessment
The person in charge and responsible for the building is legally required to take the appropriate actions to ensure everyone’s wellbeing and that the health and safety requirements are met. They will be required to identify and reduce all potential fire hazards that are within the workplace, taking notes of all hazards found during the assessment.

The people that are most at risk such as disabled or elderly individuals will also be taken into consideration as the risk may be greater for them. Upon completion of the assessment all findings will be evaluated, and actions will be taken to best assure everyone’s full safety.

Fire Alarms
Fire detection systems are vital for safety, in the case of a fire everyone will be alarmed and know to calmly exit the building. Fire alarms are designed to detect smoke, extreme heat, or fire, outputting a loud repetitive siren.

The alarms will be installed in centralised locations throughout the building and the head of stairways on all floors if the building is multi-storey. They can be activated automatically or manually by call points placed around the building.

Fire alarm procedures must be carried out in the workplace. As an employer you must ensure that each member of your team know where the fire point is, be shown where fire hydrants/ exits are and have a copy of the policy. It is vital that this is all carried out in their employee induction.

Fire Suppression Systems
Fire suppression systems are key for safety as it will help put the fire out and save the building in the process. A suppression system is a group of units that have been built to extinguish fires through the application of a substance.

The suppression system will extinguish the fire using dry chemicals or water, including inert gasses, Co2 or water mist. Once activated, an alarm will sound, and a final warning will be emitted before the chemical agent is released around the building, allowing enough time for everyone to safely exit the building.

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