Industrial Maintenance Newton Aycliffe…Two of the Biggest Industrial Maintenance Trends

September 10 2021
Industrial Maintenance Newton Aycliffe - Ross Wright Ltd

Throughout 2021 there have been some big changes to industrial maintenance and the way that things are evolving. As time goes on new trends will continue to evolve and techniques will revolutionise.  As an Industrial Maintenance company in Newton Aycliffe, our team like to keep up with the latest findings and what is to come. Below are two trends that are predicted to take place sooner rather than later and be fully implemented by 2030.

Advanced Technology

Technology is being integrated in businesses of all sizes and sectors across the world. Whatever sector your work in, in an office, factory café… you use technology every day. Working in industrial maintenance, we use technology too and it is a huge saving grace. Elements like AI, speech recognition or 3D visualisation are all being incorporated into the way we work. During 2020, 17% of maintenance managers were applying for advance technology and there is predicted to be a further 47% who will begin using advanced technology in the next 3 years.

Virtual Repairs

When you think about industrial maintenance, you have to think about the future and what is on the horizon for businesses within this sector. Hundreds of businesses are having to rely on remote work or outsource to remain flexible and keep their costs down. It has been predicted that manufacturers will use augmented reality to train shop floor employees. From safety to settings on certain pieces of equipment. This is the way forward.

As businesses continue to grow and flourish, senior members of staff who manage multiple plants will be able to use this technology to oversee their different branches and the progress that is being made.

The Ross Wright team are always keeping up with the latest trends within the sector and implement the changes where possible. We provide services such as Asbestos Removal, Steel Fabrication, and Industrial Maintenance Newton Aycliffe.

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