Industrial Roofing Newton Aycliffe – Rooflights Can Reduce Your Energy Bill and Save You Money

January 15 2022
Industrial Roofing Newton Aycliffe - Ross Wright Ltd

Here at Ross Wright we provide a range of professional industrial maintenance services such as Industrial Roofing in Newton Aycliffe and across the North East. When installing rooflights to your domestic or commercial building, energy efficiency and thermal considerations are key things to remember and have in mind. As any other technology, roof lighting is developing all of the time and nowadays there are multiple different eco-friendly and energy efficient options for you to choose from.

If you are considering installing a rooflight to your home or workplace there are many different benefits, including allowing natural light to flood the room and they can be installed to more awkward paces where other, traditional windows couldn’t be positioned. If they are installed correctly and professionally they can have a positive environmental impact on your building and reduce your bills.

Natural Lighting

Roof lighting is one of the most effective ways to fill your home with natural light. For many it is much more important for to allow more light in a home rather than workplace. Yes, it is lovely for your workplace to be bright with natural light but it can be difficult to work in. Especially if you are using computers, the light reflection could have an impact on being able to see.

Removes The Need For Artificial Lighting

When you can rely on natural lighting it reduces the need for artificial lighting, this is fantastic especially during the spring/ summer months when it is lighter for longer during the days. It is important to get maximum results of natural lighting and that you speak to an expert when you get a quotation. They will be able to advise you on the best place to position your rooflight.

Reduce Your Co2 Emissions

Over the years, research has shown that roof-lights will help reduce the amount of Co2 emissions that your home produces. We understand that lighting is needed in every building and it is unavoidable. However, if you are able to increase the amount of natural light it reduces the need for you to switch the lights on or when you do turn them on it is later on in the day when there is no day light.

Is having a rooflight installed something you are considering for your home or business? It’s a decision more and more people are making. If you would like a quote from a member of our team or would like more information, please get in contact today. We provide a range of other services like Industrial roofing in Newton Aycliffe and the North East too, including asbestos removal and steel fabrication.

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