Our Industrial Maintenance Services

July 15 2022
Machine Installation - Ross Wright

From access ladders and fire escapes to new build roofing options and machine installation, we are proud to offer a range of services that benefits businesses around the North East. If you are renovating a building and are in need of a fire escape or you are looking for something much more bespoke such as a ladder on wheels to reach different levels of storage… whatever it is we can help you with, please contact our team on 01325 320767.

Access Ladders

With an access ladder we will provide a professional service and help you to find a product that meets both your businesses requirements and the needs of your team too. We can visit your workplace to measure what height your access ladder needs to be so that you can efficiently carry out your job.


What is cladding? A simple question that not many people know the full and correct answer to. Cladding is the most common substance that is applied to high rise buildings. It helps to increase the thermal efficiency and improve the overall aesthetic of the building. Some types of cladding can help to prevent any adverse weather conditions from taking an effect on the building, such as water resistance.

Factory Machine Installation

For many businesses in the industrial sector, they grow meaning they need new machinery or to expand what they already have. To help all businesses who require new factory machine installation to take place we offer a range of services such as machine installs and removals to meet the requirements of all businesses. From small machinery up to large commercial and industrial machines, be sure to speak with our team today about how we can help you!

We also offer a range of other services such as asbestos removal and steel fabrication. Call us on 01325 320767