New Build Roofing Options

November 04 2021
Roofing Options - Ross Wright

Throughout the North East and beyond there are more and more new housing estates that are being built with a range of different roofing options and finishes. One minute they are bare fields and the next they are filled with modern, fresh new houses. We are proud to be specialists in roofing for new build houses and are able to help you. If you are a new build site owner or manager, we can provide you with different roofing options.

When you are replacing a roof on a house that has built for many years it can feel quite daunting and a big job… which it is but quite often has to be done. However, when you have a full site of new build houses that require roofs you are not working with tenants, just other contractors. In this blog we are going to provide you with the options you need to consider for your new build roof.

Getting the right pitch

Finding the right pitch, it sounds similar to finding the right spot but in roofing the pitch is the slant of your roof. Whether you choose a roof that has an obvious slant or you opt for a flat roof, the slant will still exist. If there is not any slant at all water won’t be able to run freely off the roof and it will gather, this could lead to further problems internally!

Colour Schemes

Colours are often bypassed when roofing is being discussed but the colour of your roof/ tiles really does matter. Slate is one of the most popular materials used and it is available in different shades such as grey, black and green. You may find that all roof colours in one estate will need to be the same so that they all match. You will be able to find this out from your local authority.

Any extras?

Is there anything extra we need to consider when installing your roof? Do we need to cater for a chimney? Skylight? We will need to know about these sooner rather than later so that we can ensure everything is installed correctly and work with other contractors and businesses.

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