The Importance Of Hand Railings

August 13 2021
Hand Railings in Newton Aycliffe - Ross Wright Ltd

Here at Ross Wright our expert team manufacture high quality hand railings in Newton Aycliffe and the whole of the North East. Hand railings are commonly used and known as bannisters or railings. Bannisters are designed to act as a support for people to use when climbing or going downstairs. They can be built into staircases and match the design or can be attached to the wall and act as a support for the people using them. Rails can vary depending on the style of the staircase they are used on as some may require 2 rails rather than one.

Rails are available in a variety of different styles and materials such as wood, metal, acrylic and many more. Metal hand railings are a fantastic choice as metal is a very sturdy and durable material, making metal hand railings less prone to breaking or being damaged.


The importance of hand railing is for safety. Hand railings act as a fantastic support for people to use when going up or down the stairs. They are especially beneficial for children and people with poor mobility as they can be used to hold to help you climb stairs and to stop you from falling. Stairs that are installed without hand railing or any additional support can be very dangerous. It is now a legal requirement by law that a form of support railing must be installed in all buildings.

In the UK around 1,000 people a year die due to falling downstairs, being the biggest issue causing home based deaths and injuries. Having a hand railing support installed by professionals, such as Ross Wright is highly recommended as this will ensure all safety requirements are met and the support is secure. Our specialist team can advise a design to best fit your requirements.

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