What is steel fabrication and its purpose?

November 22 2022

The steel fabrication process is what turns raw material into a physical product that can be used in a number of different settings. This includes, access ladders, fire escapes, railings and structures. Each of these products can be used in a variety of locations… workplaces, construction sites, domestic properties and more.

There are various different techniques used during the fabrication process. Welding, cutting and drilling, just to name a few. All of these techniques allow us to transform the material the shape or size required for the project. During the welding process for example, we use heat to melt two pieces of steel into one.

What industries can steel fabrication be used in?

One of the most common industries that uses steel fabrication is the construction industry. Project managers use the fabrication services as metal offers a multitude of benefits within the industry. It is one of the strongest building materials that is available, many of the largest buildings in the commercial industry have been built using metal structures. Steel also is one of the more affordable options that are available on the market compared to others.

The energy sector is another industry that regularly uses the steel fabrication process and steel as a material. Gas, solar and wind companies have been seen to use steel for certain tools and products such as solar panels and electric power turbines.

Why choose steel fabrication?

Using fabricated steel is often much easier to install and use. With a material that is easier to install it saves any architects more time during the construction period. Even though steel is lighter and much more robust, less material is required.

Steel is a long lasting metal, usually with a life span of 70 -75 years if not more. This makes it a go to option for project managers to use as their main material. With the fabrication process and combining two or more steel parts together, it can enhance the durability as it is coated in elements such as zinc. Zinc will protect the metal work from any type of corrosion. Plus, a further option for protection would be covering the steel in a fire resistant component.

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